Homeowners of Kono Tayee Estates

Lucerne, CA
About Us
We are a Private Homeowners Association Community, located in Lucerne, California, which is governed by a Board of Directors, elected by the community each July. The Board of Directors consists of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Director and one Alternate Director. The Alternate Director does not have a vote unless needed to make a quorum. The election takes place from June-July each year and a counting is taken at the Annual Meeting in July. The Annual Meeting is the first Saturday of July each year unless that Saturday falls on July 4th and then it is held the second Saturday. A general membership meeting is held four times a year and is open to the membership. 

This Association was incorporated in 1971, and includes 129 private property lots. You are a member of this HOA if you own property in Kono Tayee Estates. Members are required to pay an annual assessment fee to the Association.  

Membership entitles you to vote on issues affecting your property, and entitles you to select the Directors who represent you.

We publish a Newsletter four times a year that keeps you current on important issues and community-wide events. We have rights to a private boat ramp, beach and BBQ area.

We love Kono Tayee! If you’re new to the community, welcome! 

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