Homeowners of Kono Tayee Estates

Lucerne, CA
1843 – Richard Samuel Floyd born in Camden County, Georgia

1859 - Floyd was appointed to the Annapolis Naval Academy. 

1861 - Floyd left the Naval Academy when Georgia seceded from the Union and joined the Confederacy. 

Late 1860s – Quercus Ranch purchased by Captain Richard Floyd in Lake County

Mounds Cottages & Hotel owned by Captain Floyd with the first pier on Clear Lake where he docked “Hallie”
Captain Floyd purchases 300-acre peninsula from pioneer Alter family of Lake County and names it “Kono Tayee”

1871 - Richard Floyd marries Cora Lyons

1873 –Richard and Cora’s daughter, Harry Augustus Lyons Floyd (nicked named “Harry” or “Hallie” or “Hal”) born in San Francisco

1874 – Captain Floyd starts building Kono Tayee mansion as personal retreat

1890 – Captain Floyd dies in Philadelphia hospital 

1891 – Cora Lyons Floyd dies in hotel in San Rafael, leaving daughter, Harry Floyd, owner of Kono Tayee Estate and other real estate holdings

1903 – Harry Floyd marries Milos Gopcevic in Lakeport and dies four months later. Milos becomes owner of Kono Tayee Estates. 

1920s – Milos Gopcevic prevents Highway 20 from cutting through Kono Tayee, and instead follows its present-day route

1963 – Kono Tayee sold by Gopcevic heirs to Hayward land developer, Al Bruner, and Jerome Sills 

July 1965 – Captain Floyd’s Kono Tayee mansion torn down to make way for Kono Tayee Estates housing development

April 17, 1965 – Al Bruner first accepts money for lots in Kono Tayee

February 1972 – First Homeowners Association Board of Directors appointed by Al Bruner:

President – William (Bill) Ellis
Vice President – Mack D. Frye
Secretary/Treasurer – O.R. Lambert
Director – Al Bruner
Director – William Atteberry
Ever wonder why our streets are named Richard, Cora, Harry & Milos?
Take a stroll back in time ... and learn a little about our history

The Floyd Mansion
Floyd's Boat
Original Sales Brochures for Kono Tayee Original Boating Permits
Photos of our Original Dock, Pier and Mailbox Area
Early Aerial Shots of the Development 
More historical Kono Tayee photos can be viewed via the Lake County Historical Society's Website.