Homeowners of Kono Tayee Estates

Lucerne, CA
Committees & Committee Members
Website Administrator, ​Jeanne Wallenstein

President​, John McCloskey

Vice President,  Todd Marshburn

Director, Larry Oreglia

Treasurer, Debbie Pryor
(925) 766-8681; rabbitca@hotmail.com 

Secretary, Tom Atteberry
(406) 672-3161; ktsecretary@gmail.com

Alternate Director

Association Mailing Address
7897 Richard Drive, Lucerne, CA 95458

​Architectural Committee
Terry Hale, Co-Chair
​Chris LeGue, Co-Chair
Mike Braley
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​Budget Committee
Chair, Debbie Pryor
Terry Hale
Tony Marchese
Mary Lou Milbourn
Larry Oreglia, Jr.
Brenda Reyes

Financial Review Sub Committee
Todd Marshburn

Canal Committee
Terry Howery, Chair
Ernie Lee
Ron Pryor
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Election Committee
Election Commissioner, 
Mike Braley

Friends and Neighbors
Debi Cormack

​Keeper of the Flag
Joe Reyes

Roads Committee
Jim Valentine

BBQ Community Events
Mike Braley